Dana + Jason | Jacksonville, FL Wedding Photographer












Photographer | Christina Block

Venue | Epping Forest Yacht Club

Florist | Foxy Posh Events

Bridal Gown | Inbal Dror

Bridal Shoes | Pour La Victoire 

Hair | Kimberly Wyma 

MUA | Sara Jane with Modern Classic Beauty

Bridesmaids Dresses | Bridesmaid dresses were original pieces of the brides that I have collected over the years from my travels through Europe and Asia

Groomsmen Attire | Grooms suit was by Theory, shoes by Gucci, and his tie was a grey perforated suede tie by Jill Sander. Groomsmen wore pants and vests from various designers- Zara, H&M, and vintage. All ties were from The Tie Bar

Wedding Rings | Brides ring was custom designed and made by John Manaejian of Ohanndes Jewlery | Grooms ring was designed and made by Kristi Smith of GoldenSparrowDesign

Paper | Designed and printed by Katie Nelms

Cake | Epping Forest Yacht Club

DJ | Kevin Snow

August 26, 2014 - 5:11 pm

Jason Jenkins - Simply amazing!!!! Theses candid photos immediately brought me back to that momoment in time where I married the love of my life! Christina I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work you did in capturing this wonderful day!!

August 26, 2014 - 10:56 pm

Patty Kerns - Spectacular photos!! Dana was simply breath taking. You both look so happy. Congratulations and best wishes.

September 1, 2014 - 2:52 am

Hilary Woodier - Simply amazing photos.. I am so very happy for you both! Dana is a beautiful and elegant bride. Jason- you look so handsome- and HAPPY!!! Congratulations!

The face of depression | Jacksonville, FL Photographer



  The face of depression.

What does it look like? 

Feel like?

How do we know whose battling or who isn’t?

Before I start I have to say that this subject is something I know a lot about.

You see that picture above?

Thats me.

And I am the face of depression.


I do have to say that I have always felt burdened with writing openly about it…

because I believe that in life, if we can help just one person with our story, it makes everything worth it.

Part of me was nervous to write this blog.

I know that someone will take what I say & still bash me.

Or tell me that I am a bad person for my battles.

But it’s ok.

Because I firmly believe I am a good person.

Some words that my friends & clients have used to describe me are…


Down to Earth.






Do those words sound awful to you?

Do they describe someone that may have dealt with a form of depression their whole life?

Absolutely not.

Because depression doesn’t own me.

I own myself.


The reason I chose to speak up now was due to the fact of the recent headlines & news on

Robin Williams choosing to end his life.

When I heard he passed away, my heart was just sad.

Sad because I knew the struggle he was dealing with.

Now that being said, I have never had addiction issues with drugs or alcohol…

So I am sure that adds a lot of evilness into the picture.

And in the end makes it that much more tough to remain strong.

But I have dealt with the core of it.

The worst of it.



I can remember feeling this awful thing [depression] at the earliest of ages.


Of course when you are a child you have no major worries or woes in your life.

So it’s easier to let go.

The teenage years is when it reared it’s ugly head.

I won’t deny that I did some bad things.

Worried my mom & dad sick.

My family was also going through a break up all while

I was starting to fall apart.

Years down the road things kind of went away for a while.

I ended up in college and finished up my AA degree.

[worked full time in logistics & went to night school to get it done, I was determined]

Fast forward some time.

Got married.

Had a baby about a year into that.

Then bam…I didn’t know what was happening at the time but it was setting me up for one

of the worst feelings/situations I have ever felt in my life.


Intense Depression.

And big time.


I won’t go into details, because thats not whats important here.

But I was highly isolated. Depressed. Scared. Anxious.

I felt like I was dying.


I was also at the time dealing with a failing marriage which just compounded everything.

Years later I got better.

My husband at the time got me the best of the best help & for that I am thankful.

Got stronger.

Researched tons.

Started talking with people that knew a lot on the subject.

You see, knowledge is POWER.


It’s all so scary when we don’t know what’s happening to us.

And then when we know all the reasoning behind it, it tends to put things at ease.

So here I am.

Today, a successful business owner.

A mama to the best boy on earth.

A thriving individual.


I could write a book on the subject in all honesty

but I am trying to keep this short & solid.

Years & years ago my mom struggled with understanding why I was feeling the way I was.

She thought people could just “think positive”

and feel better.

That depression was our own doing.

After her taking the last long journey with me, she realized it’s truly a medical/genetic condition.

We cannot simply just think ourselves to feeling better.

[trust me I wish it was THAT easy]

We can educate ourselves.

We can get help & talk to people that are experts in this matter.


But you have to want it.

You have to be eager to learn about yourself & why these things kind of happen.

Do I have some bad days still?


But thats NORMAL.


One cannot live life without some bad mixed in with the good.

In some cases a slight medication can be a real life saver.

I do believe that the majority of people on anti-despressants do not need it.

But there are people who live with a true chemical balance.

And don’t be ashamed of that.

It’s like if someone had diabetes or was anemic…or had heart issues.

Its part of you & your journey.

Don’t let anyone down you for that.


To the people that are struggling…

Remember that your life is beyond meaningful.

God didn’t make you any less beautiful than the person next to you.

You have a purpose.

And you can find that strength to over come it all.

You just have to want it & stay strong.

Get help if you need it.

Reach out to people for help & support.

I will say that I could not have gotten through any of this without the Love of God.

I have cried & prayed to him countless of times.

He knows my struggles better than anyone else.

And knowing that, I have this constant peace in my heart.

And that peace is amazing.

You don’t have to carry the burden all on your own.

Know that.


I had a conversation with my dad yesterday about Robin Williams & the whole subject.

He said something that struck me so hard I had to write it down.

My dad said to me, “How many Robin Williams are out there walking the streets?” 

He said, how many people you do pass daily that have smiles on their faces and sadness in their soul?

Just stop & think about that for a moment.

Probably tons.

Way more than you or I would ever know about.

My dad is very knowledgeable when it comes to God & that love.

He told me yesterday that he feels reasonable if he doesn’t share that love & support with people.

My dad doesn’t struggle, but he gets it.

He knows that there are people out there struggling every day.

And he feels burdened to help & reach out to them.


Don’t be that person that downs another for dealing with something they may have never dealt with.


Am I constantly dealing with depression?

Nope, but the underlining of it is always there.

My good days far out number my bad days.


I am now knowledgable on the subject & have learned how to live my life the best I am able to.

Depression can happen to anyone.

Know that you are not alone.

Know that your life can be meaningful.

Know that you are BEAUTIFUL.

And know that there is help & understanding for those who are eager.


My heart goes out to you if you’ve been told your less of a person for your struggle.

My heart goes out to you if you’ve been told that you just need to think positive.

My heart goes out to you if you’ve been shunned by a friend when reaching out for help.

All of the above has happened to me in the past.

And I have taken a vow never to treat another human the way I was treated.

Because all of that just made me hurt.

And hurt worse.


Be mindful to others because you never really know the struggles they are going through.

I have countless friends [whom are highly talented & creative]

that struggle with depression.

We talk about it from time to time & check up on each other.

And I think that is what the world needs more of.



Remember to treat others as you wish to be treated.


I want to end this by simply saying…

If you are in need of help or guidance, please reach out.

If it isn’t to me, reach out to someone.

Because there really are a lot of people in this world that truly care.


My heart hurts for Robin Williams & his family.

I wish things didn’t have to end the way they did for him.

But in the strangest of ways, I get it.

Sometimes that burden becomes too heavy of a load to carry.

And its a shame that this had to happen the way it did.

Until you or I have walked in his shoes, we will never understand.


A part of me feels at ease now after writing this.

I feel thankful that I had the strength to let you all into my life.

Will someone think less of me now?


But I have a feeling there will be more people applauding me.

I had this story…this journey for a reason…

and my hope is that someone can learn from it.

And feel the support I never got when I needed it the most.




August 14, 2014 - 2:15 am

Sarah - Thanks so much for your open, honest & brave post. I’ve struggled for years with depression & have kept it well hidden aside from a few people. I guess the reason I have is that when I do try to speak to people they tell me to be postive, this shuts me down. I do know on some level
This is just a lack if knowing & even a bit if fear with what to say to you. Im a very postive person & have worked hard to keep afloat. Your words really resounded with me & be sharing your journey it makes me think when day I can share my own with people that are close to me. Thanks & blessings xxxx

August 14, 2014 - 4:31 am

Robyn Bohlen - Bravo Christina…thank you for sharing your personal story and beautiful heart. Much love to you and your family xoxo

August 14, 2014 - 11:20 am

Cindy Packer-Edmonds - Cristina, How amazingly beautiful. Your word are so true enlightening and powerful. I am so glad you took the time to write and share. I know it, and live it yet have never been able to put my thoughts and feelings into words. I really don’t know what to say, this was so beautifully rich.
Thank you Jesse for sharing this post and Christina’s photography.

August 14, 2014 - 9:24 pm

D - Thank you for sharing. Sometimes that’s all people need is to know they are not alone.

August 21, 2014 - 7:43 pm

Heather Buckman - Christina, you are a bright, shining, beautiful spirit. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. You are much loved, my friend.

August 30, 2014 - 9:41 pm

staci - Bravo Christina, Bravo.
There are types and levels of depression. Understanding how it affects you and that how you feel doesn’t have to dictate how you live is a biggie.
Feelings can lie. I wish everyone would spend more educating themselves as so that we could offer real support to ourselves and others.
No accident that I found this page.
Staci , R.N.C. psych/Behavioral health

Mini Portraiture Shoots | Jacksonville, FL Photographer



  Limited Time

Mini Portraiture Shoots

$125 + tax | per person

*August 1st & 2nd only

Includes | 5 creatively edited images with printing

rights on a disc

Extra | if you would like 4×6 professionally printed proofs

of each image [with a thin white border], add $25 dollars + tax

Additional Information | this shoot is intended for single portrait images, edited

in my signature black & white film look only [see above images for the 'look']

Ages | children through adults welcome

[children must be at least able to sit on their own with no support]

Location | indoors in the San Marco area

[exact address will be given along with other information once your deposit has been paid]

Deposit | $50 + tax via PayPal

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*your deposit will hold your spot & is non-refundable

How do I sign up | Email christinablockphotography [at] hotmail [dot] com

and specify whom the shoot is for & what day you may prefer.

*if you are booking for more than one child, you must reserve 2 separate spots as well

as put down 2 deposits


He’s 7 | Jacksonville, FL Mommy Photographer


Oh my dear love

you’re growing far too fast

you’re 7

Wishing I could keep you young & innocent forever

Wishing I could wrap you in my arms & keep you safe

Wishing I could replay the last 7 years over and over again


Everyone told me it goes by fast

But I didn’t expect it to go this fast

I have told you before that God placed you with me for a reason

He knew that I needed you

Like really needed you


Whether you know it or not, your face has gotten me through the worst of days

That smile of yours is like no other

Every time your eyes sparkle I get to relive things over again

Become young again

Become innocent again


Its like magic

Pure magic


Did you know that many nights after you fall asleep next to me

I take your hand and place it in mine

I don’t want to forget how those little hands feel

I want to remember how little they are

how perfect they are

each little crease

each little crevice

This may sound silly to you

But if you ever experience the love of a child

you will then know that love

and that love is like no other

I am your mommy

and what a lucky lady that makes me

but I get scared

yes scared

when I think about you growing up

and the house is empty

and clean and quiet

Fighting back the tears now just thinking about it

Life is so dang beautiful with you in it

Smothering you with love is all I know how to do


And right now it’s just you and me kid

We have been a team

And I thank God for that all the time

If you remember anything in life

remember that I love you with all my heart

That I will support you in everything

good and bad

And that I will always be your mommy


You keep telling me that you’re a big boy now

and boy are you

But do me a favor

those kisses that you have been keeping from me

I need more of them

and more of those hugs too

Cause babe

You will only be 7 once



[all images were taken with my iPhone 5 | © Christina Block Photography]

July 23, 2014 - 1:25 am

Crystal - Amazing. Love it! Happy birthday buddy.

Album Love | Jacksonville, FL Wedding Photographer

Over the last few years I have searched & searched for an album

that would compliment my work.

There are a million photo books in photography land & just never got crazy or excited about any of them.

Well…until now!

I first laid my eyes on Velvet Raptor a couple years back.

It was love at first site.

At the time there wasn’t a genuine need for me to start carrying them.

But now since I have been focusing on weddings, I knew that these were a perfect match for business

and my work.

I had a bride ask me what I loved about these albums & this is what I told her…

When you hold one of these albums in your hands & flip through the images it feels like magic.

Like a lovely memory being restored in your heart & soul.

I told her to imagine this album being passed down from generation to generation.

Can’t you picture that with these velvet albums?

Your album becoming a treasured  heirloom?

I can.

I want my clients to embrace their images.

I want my clients to remember how they felt on their special day.

And I am confident that they will never regret investing in one of these.

I know I haven’t.

Love mine to bits.

Now onto the beauty…






For more information on purchasing an album please email us at:

christinablockphotography [at] hotmail [dot] com

or simply fill out the contact form

*any past wedding clients or sessions are able to purchase as well.

Two sizes are available

7″ with 20 [4x6] professionally printed photographs

10″ with 60 [4x6] professionally printed photographs