He’s 7 | Jacksonville, FL Mommy Photographer


Oh my dear love

you’re growing far too fast

you’re 7

Wishing I could keep you young & innocent forever

Wishing I could wrap you in my arms & keep you safe

Wishing I could replay the last 7 years over and over again


Everyone told me it goes by fast

But I didn’t expect it to go this fast

I have told you before that God placed you with me for a reason

He knew that I needed you

Like really needed you


Whether you know it or not, your face has gotten me through the worst of days

That smile of yours is like no other

Every time your eyes sparkle I get to relive things over again

Become young again

Become innocent again


Its like magic

Pure magic


Did you know that many nights after you fall asleep next to me

I take your hand and place it in mine

I don’t want to forget how those little hands feel

I want to remember how little they are

how perfect they are

each little crease

each little crevice

This may sound silly to you

But if you ever experience the love of a child

you will then know that love

and that love is like no other

I am your mommy

and what a lucky lady that makes me

but I get scared

yes scared

when I think about you growing up

and the house is empty

and clean and quiet

Fighting back the tears now just thinking about it

Life is so dang beautiful with you in it

Smothering you with love is all I know how to do


And right now it’s just you and me kid

We have been a team

And I thank God for that all the time

If you remember anything in life

remember that I love you with all my heart

That I will support you in everything

good and bad

And that I will always be your mommy


You keep telling me that you’re a big boy now

and boy are you

But do me a favor

those kisses that you have been keeping from me

I need more of them

and more of those hugs too

Cause babe

You will only be 7 once



[all images were taken with my iPhone 5 | © Christina Block Photography]

July 23, 2014 - 1:25 am

Crystal - Amazing. Love it! Happy birthday buddy.

Album Love | Jacksonville, FL Wedding Photographer

Over the last few years I have searched & searched for an album

that would compliment my work.

There are a million photo books in photography land & just never got crazy or excited about any of them.

Well…until now!

I first laid my eyes on Velvet Raptor a couple years back.

It was love at first site.

At the time there wasn’t a genuine need for me to start carrying them.

But now since I have been focusing on weddings, I knew that these were a perfect match for business

and my work.

I had a bride ask me what I loved about these albums & this is what I told her…

When you hold one of these albums in your hands & flip through the images it feels like magic.

Like a lovely memory being restored in your heart & soul.

I told her to imagine this album being passed down from generation to generation.

Can’t you picture that with these velvet albums?

Your album becoming a treasured  heirloom?

I can.

I want my clients to embrace their images.

I want my clients to remember how they felt on their special day.

And I am confident that they will never regret investing in one of these.

I know I haven’t.

Love mine to bits.

Now onto the beauty…






For more information on purchasing an album please email us at:

christinablockphotography [at] hotmail [dot] com

or simply fill out the contact form

*any past wedding clients or sessions are able to purchase as well.

Two sizes are available

7″ with 20 [4x6] professionally printed photographs

10″ with 60 [4x6] professionally printed photographs